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About Me...

About Me
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           I’m a 33 year old married mom of two. My family is my life. My husband is my best friend. For real I’m not just saying that. He’s my biggest supporter.  No matter how crazy my dreams he stays steadfast by my side. We have a crazy love story, I’ll tell you sometime!

         I love books. I can’t tell you if I actually have one favorite, more like handfuls of favorites. I started reading pretty young. I was put in advanced reading classes, I won awards for essays and writing I did throughout the years. Ironically the one thing I was actually good at I avoided. I have this big fear of failing. Actually no that’s not completely true, I have a fear of putting myself out there.

         I have never been someone that was surrounded by friends, constantly at the center of attention. I’m more behind the scenes, its just where I’m comfortable. I was more the loner sort. Just wait until I regale you with my awkward teenage years. As much as I dreamed of living the teenage life of the 90’s movies I watched I was much more a Laney Boggs. BEFORE the makeover. Don’t feel bad though, it never really bothered me. I tried a lot back then to be popular and be liked. It wasn’t until I stopped caring what others thought that I found myself. I’m sarcastic, I swear more than any sailor ever could and I tell it like it is.

         Now as an adult I want to follow a dream that I’ve always had and always pushed to the background; telling my self I would never be good enough. Now I’m throwing caution to the wind and doing it. I’m starting a blog about books and life. Do I have a crazy eventful life? Not the traveling the world, celebrity elbow rubbing kind of eventful, more the crazy everyday hot mess mom life.

         Even as I’m writing this I’m second guessing myself. Its so much easier to just delete this document, close my laptop and forget all this.

         I recently read this book called for Once in My Life. It was this feel good romantic tale about pushing yourself to limits you never thought you would go. Do I plan on throwing myself out of a plane to face my fears and live? Nope not at all, but I will write this blog. I will give you reviews of books I’m reading and share experience and memories they bring forth. 

         If you’re here reading this then somehow the universe brought you to me. Maybe your a hot mess mom? A loner looking for a friend?

I don’t care there is no judgment here.

There is beauty in the unknown…….right?


Inspirational Quote


"I have lived a thousand lives and I have loved a thousand loves.  I've walked on distant worlds and seen the end of time.

Because I read".

George R.R. Martin

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Hey Everyone...

Check out Laura Barnard's cover for her new romantic comedy, Cock & Bull. 

It sounds hilarious and I can't wait to get my hands on swoony Clooney. 

You can order it now!  

Head on over to Laura's social media to enter her giveaways -


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