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Author Spotlight: Colleen Coleman

Reviews of: For Once In My Life, Don’t Stop Me Now, and I’m Still Standing

I just started I’m Still Standing by Colleen Coleman, my third in a row by her so far. I read For Once in My Life and Don’t Stop Me Now first. I don’t know if it was fate that some how her books caught my eye or what, but they have been everything that I have needed. Something about her writing makes you feel like she is literally talking to you! I swear I picture myself somehow as every character because in some way I can relate. And her way of making you feel emotions so intensely! Like I can’t even describe it.

I unfortunately fall into that category of just sort of getting by, I had big dreams at one point when I was young, I planned on doing big things. But a series of missteps led me down a different road. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and the family I have created, but something has always been missing. I went to college, a couple times. I thought I would be a cosmetologist, that lasted 3 months before I tossed the mannequin head against the wall and walked out. Finger waves are no joke, and who actually wears them anymore?????? After that debacle I majored in Forensic psychology, social work, art history, literature and then Dental Assisting.

I think I’ve been searching my whole life for where I fit. I finally got the family life, that completed me in a way I never thought possible. I’ve bounced around several different jobs attempting at each to move myself up the corporate ladder because that’s what you do right? I should stop here and tell you what awful rotten luck I have. It never happened, not once, when it didn’t happen I left. I felt frustrated, what about me wasn’t good enough? Why did no one see the potential I knew I had. Somehow I lucked up getting an associate position at a pretty big retailer. In no time I was a Coordinator. I finally moved up into a better paying position working 40 hours a week, I had a title now. I had finally done it!


Not the place, I love the people I work with, they’re wonderful caring people. It took getting to the point I always thought I wanted to realize it was the farthest thing I could want. I was just the opposite of Lily (For Once In My Life). She was born for that Editor position, it was always meant for her. She could lead, and more than anything her staff believed and supported her 100%. I realized I had been pushing myself to all these advancements because I thought that’s just what I’m supposed to do to make everyone proud of me. During this book I realized I wanted to love something like Lily loved Journalism, I wanted to make myself proud.

I’ve been a waitress since high school, at this point I jokingly say that I’m a professional waitress. I love it, yea the hours absolutely suck most of the time and lets be real people like to look down on you, but it pays. Honestly, I can make more money in a 5 hour shift than some make in 10 hours, BUT and that’s a big ole’ but, I can walk out with very little. The people aren’t always great but you meet some real life changers along the way. Guests eating become regulars that become best friends. My maid of honor was just that, someone eating that became a best friend. I have a group of older gentlemen I’ve been waiting on for almost 8 years, the first Monday of every month. They mean the world to me. I know all their orders by heart and their names most days! Lol I’m horrible with names I get it from my dad, At this point I call them each others names more than their actual names, but we all get a big laugh and they go along with it all through out their meal. Sometimes I even ask who they are that day and most of the time they laugh and pick someone else's name! I think that’s why Evelyn, (I’m Still Standing) was my favorite of all the main characters I’ve read. I’m most like her, and she ended up living my absolute dream.

I gave up my coordinator position, went back to waiting tables more and started this blog. Its the scariest choice I’ve made. I’m finally happy, I finally feel like I’m doing what I love and sharing all my weirdness. I found my niche. Times are changing, a 9-5 job doesn’t work for everyone now, I don’t want a dead end job I’m miserable with for a little more money. I want to do what I love, write, read, be the best mom and wife I can be. I want to be present in every moment, Poppy Bloom, Lily Buckley and Evelyn Dooley, you are my inspiration.

Since I’m on this whole journey and seriously obsessed with Colleen Coleman's books I made my own Buckley’s bucket list. Even if you never thought you would ever do half the things you put on the list just do it. You’d be surprised to find what your true dreams are when you just let go and write.

For Once In My Life was a fun read. I felt like an adrenaline junkie reading the situations Lily put herself in for her column. Skydiving and haunted houses!!! Its all made better by the hottie Christopher who was sent in to help revive this dying paper. Lily and Christopher's chemistry was great from the start and they made each other better. I got a little worried at the end but…’ll just have to go read it yourself!!!

Now go grab your cup of coffee or tea, because they both are excellent, and share your list!

Don’t Stop Me Now

I honestly don’t understand how Colleen Coleman writes the way she does. I always say I don’t have a favorite author because I like so many, but in terms of an author being able to just make you feel? Like so real in their writing. She the best.

Poppy bloom is a star student finally graduating with her PhD and in the lead for a fellowship at Banbridge, her current university. She’s the star student, an absolute shoe in. That is until all tables turn and Poppy finds herself unceremoniously on a new path without her boyfriend or her best friend.

After a quick escape shes back home, living with her parents. Every child's dream right?? lol Shes hit rock bottom, now where?

After meeting up with a friend Leanne, from long ago, Poppy ends up getting roped into playing netball with a group of woman that become her closest family. Her crush Tom, Leannes twin brother and Poppy’s adolescent crush, is also is back in all his glory making Poppy melt!

Poppy seems to finally have her life heading in the right direction, shes successful and happy. But all good things come to an end and tragedy strikes,

making Poppy have to choose. Her head or her heart?

I’m Still Standing

This was the shortest book that I have read so far from Colleen Coleman, but it was easily my favorite. It’s set in Ireland, which you can’t go wrong there. The descriptive beauty she paints is wonderful.

Evelyn and James have been together for awhile now and the marriage has come to a standstill. After going to therapy the question finally comes out, stay together or go their separate ways.

Now single and back at her mum’s Evelyn decides to just go out on a whim and head to Dublin to stay with her sister Tara. After and awful visit at the job center Evelyn stumbles into a slightly run down pub. She soon finds who and what shes been looking for all along.

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