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The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman

Omg! I know that’s not even a correct way to begin a sentence, but that is where my brain is at right now. I just finished reading and just… I loved this book, and I know we all say that about every book right? But no this is on a whole other level.

Our story follows Nina Hill, an anxiety riddled control freak. She plans everything, literally, she plans when to do nothing! She keeps busy with book clubs, Trivia League, yoga and reading! Most of the time. She’s always been on her own, enjoying her solitude, completely content with her life. Nina didn’t exactly grow up with the ideal mom and dad, but she had a fabulous nanny that made it impossible to feel like she was missing out.


Let me stop here and say, if you struggle with anxiety, because I do, this book is for you. Nina Hill is the book nerd in all of us. The introvert, the kid in school with no friends but books. I was that kid. Thank you Ms. Waxman for writing such a touching funny tale, for making the weirdness in all of us acceptable.-


Her world is flipped upside down and sideways when Nina finds out about the death of a father she never knew and the abundance of family he left behind. Now she has brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews! She’s a great aunt!!! Then there is Tom, a frenemy from the Trivia League Nina partakes in, she can’t seem to get him out of her head and he just keeps popping up!

When everything starts to go pear shaped, she realizes that maybe all these unplanned, scary and new things aren’t so bad after all.

This book was fun and witty, It had me actually laughing out loud at so many parts! The Bookish Life of Nina Hill makes you think and feel so much. At the end I was in tears and I didn’t want it to end.

Solid 10!!!

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