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My very own “Buckley’s Bucket List”

1) Go skydiving:

I have to borrow this one from Lily herself. I’m terrified of heights, like I get nervous and dizzy just hearing about people doing this makes me feel faint. I’m making myself a promise, if this blog becomes successful I will do it. Maybe? lol

2) Travel: This is very general I know but I’ve only been 7 places in my life. I was born in New York, lived there for 12 years then moved to North Carolina. Admittedly, I’ve only driven through most of those so I’m not sure if they even still count? I want to travel, all 50 states and then hopefully I will have my fear of flying under control and can head to Europe!

3) Go to Prom: I never got to go to mine and I feel like it's a part of my teenage years that I should have experienced. It’s dumb but to this day it still bothers me. Everyone has a prom story, I want to change mine.

4) Go hiking and find a waterfall:

This is doable! lol Scary though.

I’m soooo clumsy!!!!

5) Build A PC (My Husband)

6) Own a Farm

7) Be a successful Blogger!! As this grows, I will add more!

*For research for this post asked some of my family to see what their bucket lists were. It was so fun getting to see what everyone wants to do and sometimes how surprising people lists were and how much they had accomplished!

*My Aunt Kim:

1. Own my own home-Done

2. See the ocean-Done

3. Learn to swim

4. Retire Comfortably-Done

5. Visit son in Georgia-Done

6. Visit Las Vegas-Done

7. Visit NYC for the weekend

8. Visit Ireland

Shes accomplished 5 out of 8 of them. When she emailed me her list she told me:

“It was a pretty boring list, but I’m happy with the simple things in life. Lol!”

*My Aunt Leslie:

1. Married with children (sometimes happily and sometimes not lol)-Done

2. See Garth Brooks in Concert-Done

3. HAWAII!!! (Hopefully 30th wedding Anniversary 2022)

4. Cook a live lobster

Shes accomplished 2 out of 4. When she emailed she said “I have had this list going for 5 years. Life is very short, keeping it simple and manageable is my goal".

*My Mom:

1. Visit Italy

I really somehow hope to get her there one day. That’s always been her dream.

Feel free to share yours!!!! I would love to hear!!!!

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