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Review-"The Woman in the Window"

OK, so I started this book on a whim, the cover got me. I had read several reviews and was torn as to whether to read it, but I like to always make my own decision so I finally picked it up and started.

This story follows Anna Fox, a child psychologist and agoraphobic. Stuck in her house, afraid of the world outside she watches her neighbors from her windows, keeping tabs but not getting to know them. Her trusty Nikon and bottle of Merlot the closest comfort she has. Until the Russell’s move in. From the start she’s drawn to them. What about this family keeps her attention? Perhaps it’s the several bottles of Merlot she’s been drinking? The array of pills that are supposed to keep her sane? She keeps drinking, keeps watching.

One night she sees something, a woman with a knife in her chest! A woman dying next door, at the Russell’s! She has to do something! She knows this woman, she was just sitting and talking to her.

After making a 911 call everything takes a turn. No body is found and worse yet, the woman that she knew as Jane Russell is not the woman that is now in that house, this woman has to be pretending! But no one believes her. Did she make the woman up? What follows is a crazy adventure that makes Anna question everything. Secrets are revealed and no one is who they seem. Can Anna escape the house that has kept her safe but captive the last ten months? Can she solve the mystery of the Russell's?

I actually found myself speeding through this, it was an easy read. Which is sort of a wrong way of explaining a thriller right? The beginning did start off somewhat slow, about half way through things really started picking up. I did find that I could guess or figure out where some of the story line was going or what was going to happen next. The end did surprise me though.

The book had a truly chaotic feel, I love a book that makes you feel how the characters feel. Overall,

I enjoyed the book it was a fast read with a decent story-line!

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