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Welcome to my life!

I’m a morning person, not like 5 am early, more like 8 am morning.

This morning is beautiful, I have the windows open, and there is a beautiful breeze blowing through. I have my coffee and for a few moments its bliss. My chair or “rocky” as my son calls it sits directly in front of my double windows affording me and the kitties a nice view. I’m a serious cat lady, you’ll see!

Last night I made my Instagram account for the blog. Let me stop and say that starting this blog has been the most exciting and scary journey that I have ever embarked on. Waking up to notifications of others liking my post or commenting on them is the most thrilling moment ever. Its gratifying. I feel like I finally found this world I’ve always been looking for.

This morning though has been anything but quiet. I have two kids. My daughter is almost 10 and reminds me daily that she will soon be a teenager. Someone please tell me the preteens are worse than actual teenagers?? LOL! Please!

Today she seems to have lost her highlighter and is having a full blown panic attack. I can barely handle the basics of makeup and she's concerned with highlighters and eye brow brushes??? Ah, I love her though, she keeps me young and cool. She's a Visco, Tik-Tok loving, social media obsessed, caring and funny person with the biggest heart. She plans to be an artist and I support her 1000% The girl has talent.

My son is running around the house pretending to be an Avatar. He likes to act out all his favorite people in movies. At the moment he is Jake Sully. His sister put blue stripes on him, he's got his Nerf gun and is chasing the cats. He's 4 and wild. I always believed that I was strong willed and slightly stubborn. Ha! The universe decided I needed competition and along he came. He's my little buddy though, right now he plans on being a raptor and firefighter when he grows up. No one can ever say he doesn’t have dreams!!! He will do big things, this I know. I’m saying now he would be an excellent lawyer, he's cute as hell and can argue his way out of everything.

I literally had to stop writing to fish a slap bracelet out of the toilet.

Now to go spend some time reading, and make another cup of coffee.

Colleen Coleman is calling my name!

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