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My Top 10

Here is a list of my 10 favorite books from Quarantine 2020!

During this quarantine I have read.  Alot!  As we are starting to come back out of isolation I thought I would share my top reads that I finished during this time.


Where the Crawdads Sing~Delia Owens

This may just be my favorite book of all time. The writing, the imagery and just the story in general was beautiful.

I was fully surprised and thrilled with the ending, I never saw it coming.  

Kya Clark, or the “Marsh Girl” as the locals know her, lives alone in her swamp. Mysterious and wild, no one knows much about Kya. Her siblings all escaped their abusive father when she was small and then her Ma went off to town, never to return;  Leaving Kya on her own with her Pa. Over time an uneasy relationship begins, Pa teaches Kya much about the land and living off of it. Soon Pa’s drinking is back and the friendship they started has faltered. Then one day Pa doesn’t return, finally leaving Kya alone.  Now she must learn to live on her own with nothing for comfort but the swamp and its animal inhabitants.

           When two handsome men become enamored with the Marsh Girl a new path opens itself for Kya, does she go off with the unattainable boy from her youth or the steadfast best friend shes found? Just as happiness is on the horizon disaster strikes, Kya finds her life in the hands of the town that turned its back on her long ago.

When will the Marsh Girl finally be left alone?

Absolutely heart stopping, breathtakingly violent and beautiful!


High Achiever~Tiffany Jenkins

I read this book in a day and a half.  I couldn’t put it down. If you haven’t read this you need to! Her story is inspirational and intriguing.


High Achiever follows Tiffany through her jail stint and after.  With flashbacks throughout you get a peak into the double life she lived.  I was amazed at some of the situations she managed to get out of and away with! I loved this.


The Silent Patient~Alex Michaelides


I can’t say enough good things about this book, it took me all of a day to read it and the next day to process.  This book is methodical, chilling and captivating. I only wish I Michaelides had more books!


Alicia Berenson is a famous painter married to an equally famous photographer.  They are the paramount of a beautiful happy couple and marriage, right?  If they are the perfect couple then why is Alicia found, wrists slit, standing by her husband who is tied to a chair and shot in the face.

           Now Alicia is in an institution, mute for some time. With only one painting as her communication.

What happened that fateful day?


That is what this book sets out to tell.  Now go read it!!


It's Always the Husbands~Michele Campbell

The book was a fairly quick read and it was very enjoyable.  The story flows well starting in College and introduces the three main girls, then flashes forward to present day. Each chapter is told from a different characters perspective which adds so much more to the story line.

Kate, Aubrey and Jenny met in college when they shared a dorm. Soon they were inseparable. It was always an odd friendship but they swore to always be there for each other.

           Twenty years later one of them is dead and of course all eyes are on the husband, thanks to the new police Chief with a skewed vision. Secrets abound and relationships are put to the test. Who will walk away?


Me Before You~Jo Jo Moyes

Every bit of this book was lovely. Halfway through reading I bought the next two books Me After You and Still Me.  Both are on my TBR list. (which is exceptionally long!)

Louisa is your average everyday girl, leading a pretty ordinary life, she finds herself in need of a job and lands quite the position as the care taker of one Will Traynor. Will is wheelchair bound after a fluke accident.  Being an adrenaline junkie before the accident Will sees no reason to live life as a quadriplegic.  He plans on medically ending his life.

           Terribly upset by hearing this Louisa sets out with the impossible task of making Will want to live.  Along the way they find and adventure that bring them love and lets Louisa finally live!


Lock Every Door~Riley Sager

This book was recommended to me by my hairdresser (who’s the best btw). We both share a love of thrillers.  I was not disappointed!


Jules Larson needs a job and a place to live, basically just a new start. She finds an ad and immediately applies. It’s at the elusive Bartholomew, as an apartment sitter with quite the nice pay.  Sound Great!

           Until things start getting weird and Jules finds herself asking questions that no one wants to answer and those that do keep disappearing.


This story was gripping and fast moving!


The Guest List~Lucy Foley

This was my first book delivery from the Book of the Month club. At first, I was torn as to whether I liked the book or not. In the end I liked it very much.  The story is great, it has all the suspense all the tragic characters and all the secrets to keep you reading!


It’s the wedding of the year at a remote island off Ireland. The Bride is a famous magazine publisher and the groom is the good-looking survivalist actor, they are completely perfect for each other.  Aoife, the wedding planner, seems to be the only who can keep her wits about her while she tries to coral a fairly rowdy bunch.

           The wedding party are all family and friends who are all to eager to relive their glory days.

           As the drinks flow the tongues loosen. Each of the wedding party has a secret but some secrets should remain buried, because when they don’t the odds are better of finding a body.


 Told from different people’s perspective throughout.



For Once In My Life~Colleen Coleman

I loved this one.  Coming Soon!!-Check out the Author Spotlight section of my blog, for more about this book!



The Jetsetters~Amanda Eyre Ward 

The was a quick fun read also. It brings you beautiful scenery and fun characters in a dysfunctional family that believes sweeping things under the rug is the best choice.  (I wish more of it was told from the kid’s point of view. I found them to be very interesting).


Charlotte Perkins is 70 and feeling lonely after the death of her best friend.  One night she submits a sexy essay to a competition to win a Mediterranean cruise. 

           By luck of all luck she wins, so her and her children head onto a cruise with all their baggage.  Not just their clothes either.

           Lee the beautiful one has been pretending that she leads a glamorous life as an actor but that could not be farther from the truth.  She’s out of work and her boyfriend moved on. 

           Cord is struggling with being gay and engaged to the love of his life who his family know nothing about.  As a recovering alcoholic the truth is important. But how do you tell your family when you think they won’t approve?

           Finally, Reagan, who married Lee’s high school sweetheart. She has it all right? The guy, the marriage, and the perfect family; or so everyone thinks.


Cord was by far my favorite and I would love a book just about him!



One Perfect Summer~Brenda Novak 

Looooove!!! Coming Soon!!-Head over to the Author Spotlight section of my blog to read more about this book!

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